Make Your Own Rules Marketing, LLC

Need content? Marketing strategy?

What's in it for you?

Content Creation


Every business has a back story. We can help you tell YOUR story by creating vibrant, compelling content to help you start building trust and relationships with your prospective customers before they ever even meet you. All the best brands are doing it, and you should too.

Strategic Marketing Advice


You might be the best widget-maker in town, but do you know how to attract new customers to your business? Well, we do - so let us help you! Together, we'll formalize your brand strategy and manage place, price and promotion (that's marketing!) to take your business to the next level.

project management


Are you sitting on a gold mine? Lots of businesses are, they just can't spare the resources to implement the new program, software or procedure that they know will improve their results. Solution? Hire us to implement the product for you. It's a short term, contract arrangement. Job: done!