Make Your Own Rules Marketing, LLC

About Us

Our Values:

We believe that there is room for everyone to succeed. One person’s success never has to come at the price of someone else’s failure, and the first rule of being a decent human being is that we should do no harm to others.

If you believe that too, then we should talk. 

our credentials:

Since 1990, our founder, Julie Workman, has been selling the benefits of living, working and doing business in Bloomington-Normal. 

With nearly 30 years of experience in marketing, advertising and sales for both local and national clients, Julie founded MYORM to help business owners and organizations create compelling content for any application. 

MYORM also consults with our clients to help them understand today’s marketplace and the best ways to position their marketing messages for maximum growth and profit, and we provide a specific scope of project management services.

Julie volunteers with the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, is an active member of the Bloomington Rotary Club and has been a freelance writer for the past five years. 

She is a reader, a writer, an advocate for social justice and a lifelong fan of the legendary rock band, Queen. She believes that fortune always favors the bold and that nearly everyone would be happier if they’d stop doing what everyone expects them to do and start making their own rules.

Photo credit: RPK Photography.