Make Your Own Rules Marketing, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a content creator?


Great question! Obviously, everyone can write. But not everyone is a writer.  If you struggle with proper usage of “there, their and they’re” and can't tell an adjective from an antonym, you should hire us to write your content for you. We'll craft a message that will describe your product, enlighten your audience, persuade your customers and tell your story. You'll increase sales and profits. Everybody wins!

Why pay for Strategic Marketing Advice?


Marketing is much more than just buying some ads to promote your next sale. You need to define your brand, identify your target market, create a compelling message, choose the right channels to deliver that message, then plan your events, promotions and giveaways to deliver maximum ROI.  That means more new customers and higher profits for you.

How much does it cost?


Well, that depends. Consultants like us can charge by the hour, by the word or by the project. Our initial consultation is a complimentary “discovery” meeting. We'll  learn about you and your business, you'll learn about us, then we can decide whether or not we want to work together. Based on our discussion, we'll decide which pricing model works best for your project.